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Linux Tutorial for Beginners

If you are new for Linux and want to learn about basics of Linux then you are at right place. In this Linux tutorial series we will start from beginning of installation and finished with with high level shell script creation. In this Linux tutorial will also describe the best approach to learn Linux. Or in simple term how to learn Linux.

This tutorial is for beginner who want to learn Linux operating system. In starting of the Linux tutorial we will start from basics of Linux and in later part we will  cover some advanced Linux command.

This tutorial is not a single page tutorial which will provide you a brief information of some command. This tutorial is set of sub tutorials which is divided into part. If you are completely new for  Linux please start from introduction part. If you have basic knowledge about Linux you can go to the section of your choice.

Why you should read this “Linux Tutorial” ?

There are several benefit of this tutorial. If you do not want to read heavy book and want to learn basics of Linux then this Linux tutorial is very useful. If no body is is available as a trainer then no issue. This tutorial will act as your trainer. Also here you will get every thing in very simple language. Following is some key benefit of reading this Linux tutorial :

  1. No book required.
  2. No trainer required
  3. For in-depth coverage of every section you can get some different resource.
  4. Discussion on every topic is available by comment section available on every page

Introduction to Linux

This section describes basics of the Linux. In this part you will learn, what is Linux, how it is developed, why do we use Linux. This section is for beginners who want to install and use Linux. This section of tutorials describes some basics directory structure and command of Linux. This section will also describes the basic architecture of Linux. How Linux works, directory structure of Linux. Followoing is the details topic covers in this section:

  1. What is Linux and Why we use it ?
  2. Installation of Linux
  3. Directory Structure in Linux
  4. Basic Linux Command

Linux System Administration [Coming Soon ]

Linux is very easy to use operating system. If you know its file and directory structure you know every thing. After complete coverage of file and directory maturation in previous chapters, here we will cover how to manage your Linux system. In this section we will explore about process in Linux, Access rights management in Linux. In this section we will also cover other software installation, upgrade and configuration  in Linux. Following topic we will explore in this part:

  1. Access Right Management
  2. Process in Linux
  3. Environment Variables
  4. Install and upgrade packages
  5. Installation of packages by source code
  6. Creating of Shell script to Automate process.
  7. Log in Linux


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