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Tutorials On LAMPP Technology

I have started tutorial due to some of my person though and reason. Even you can say that my main motive of starting was to publish some rich and healthy tutorial on LAMPP technology.I know writing a tutorial on LAMPP topics is doing reinvention of the wheel. But this is not true as per my assumption. If you want to know reason please go through below paragraphs very careful. This is directly from my heart and reason for writing the tutorial:

When I was the beginner in the field of Opensource web development, I have learned each and everything online. Google was the only solution and for 90% of PHP related issue and was the favorite result of Google :-). On that time most of the website was developed using core PHP or using any framework. Developers were very crazy to get basic and in-depth knowledge of technology basics.

Now due to the existence of various open source tool like WordPress  Drupal, Magento etc, things has been changed now. All website owner want their web application to be developed using best suitable open source CMS or tool in PHP. They are right at their point because open source is cost effective and tested by thousands of people, maintenance cost is low and there is some others reason also. Due to the high demand of these open source, developers are getting maximum work in their company on these open source tool. Now the problem arises with new developers who directly started using CMS or any open source. Some of the newbies first thoroughly understand basic concept(which is good) but some developer not(sometimes due to the tight deadline or sometimes due to not proper guidance). The developer who does not have basic concept can not deliver a good application. If any new website development goes to those people hand(whose basic concept is not good), they rarely deliver a good product. And when the type of product goes to web owner it directly impacts the reputation of LAMP stack and the open source tool. In this case, our technology reputation is really suffering. Which is very very bad.

The main reason for writing tutorial is to provide the basic understanding to the developer on the LAMPP and open source tool. Again you were thinking that there are lots of tutorials available online on LAMPP and open source technology. You are thinking right. But the problem is with the type of coverage on the content. Some of them have very good amount of topic coverage but do not have the in-depth description of every topic. Some of the tutorials have very good in-depth coverage of one topic, but they do not have coverage on all topic.  What I want to deliver here is in-depth coverage of the basic things with every related topic with real life examples. Here my motive is to provide real life examples.

Who can read and what you can get on TechFlirt Tutorial?

Anyone who wants to learn basics of LAMPP topic and want to learn real life implementation can read TechFlirt tutorial. Technology provides a very rich set of tool and techniques. But sometimes some techniques are not suitable for every place. So here you can get the best practices for your implementation.  Here you can get the pre-requisite on every topic. Also, we provide an idea of, what you should learn before learning any tutorial.

What topic can you learn on TechFlirt tutorial?

I do not have the huge team to right on so many topics. This is my personal effort so it will take few years to cover all topic.Currently, I have few topics.You can get a list of the tutorial in the table of the content section.Your idea for the improvement on the tutorial is always welcome. Please share your thought on my points. I would love to hear from my readers. You can share your thought by comment section. I usually review every topic and reply if required I will defiantly answer. Also if you have any query related to the specific topic please write in comment section. I will defiantly try to answer your question.

List of Tutorials on of contents)

Object Oriented Programming in PHPIn this tutorial you will get all aspect of object-oriented programming in PHP.If you are a beginner for the oop in PHP this is best suitable tutorial for you. It started with a very basic concept of the object oriented programming and covers each and every thing which required. It has detailed the implementation of class, inheritance overriding, overloading, type hinting etc.
Linux Tutorial For BeginnerThis tutorial is a brief introduction to Linux for the beginner.
PHP Conditional StatementsIn this tutorial, you will get in-depth coverage of conditional Statements in PHP. This is primary for the beginner who wants to learn basic of if, else, else if and switch-case. To read and understand the chapter you only need basic understanding of PHP

If you have any suggestion for improvement or any other query, please feel free to contact me. You can easily contact me by dropping the comment here. Also if you link my tutorial please share this to other.

Thank you for reading my boring explanation 🙂

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