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As my vision and mission of creating is to providing the good content regardless of monetization. We do not expect any kind of donation from our reader or visitor. You can support the by the way of making site better. You can make techflirt a good platform for web technology knowledge sharing following way:

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Every site need SEO to get better visibility in the search engine. Search engines are the place where you always visit to get any help related to technology stuff. So if techflirt is having better SEO we are easily reach you through the search engines. So if you are SEO professional please take a moment to analyse your techflirt and provide us your valuable suggestion to support site.

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One man army can hardly get victory in battle. So please share your knowledge regarding any post using the comment to make it better place for the web related stuff. You can also support by providing your article regarding any topic to support us. Your article can help us to make our life (web professionals) much better and you can support techflirt in the best way by providing the fresh content.

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Every website needs a domain, web hosting space and some coding effort to run in the best manner. If you are professional webhosting service provider you can support us by renewing our domain, providing the hosting space.

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If you feed our content are worth reading and we are honestly sharing our knowledge with quality of content the you can support us by the referring other people to visit our website.

If somebody is calling or mailing you for any donation for supporting the TechFlirt please do not donate because I never as for money donation.
Hope to make your knowledge base better.
Thanks you for your support.

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5 thoughts to “Support TechFlirt”

  1. Hello Sir,

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, But there are some suggestion I would like to tell you so please do not mind them. First can you please make the link run… Tutorials On LAMPP Technology when I clicked on Continue Reading → it is redirecting me to about your page. And Sir if possible please explain n user about WAMP as well as you did for the LAMPP. Because most of user use Wamp on local server and also about how to create our own module and how to use it. Thanks

  2. HI guys,

    Can you help me…

    I found here and download below version zip:

    VC14 x86 Thread Safe (2016-Jun-22 19:17:00) Zip [21.01MB]

    sha1: 12c86a395ec0ae7c1864da30fd7a95562420ef20

    And i made all the changes what whatever you suggested but not start APPACHE but mysql started.

    Please help me and i did below changes.

    1. Rename old php folder from xampp

    2. create folder and copy past new php code.
    3. Rename php.ini
    4. Appache setting chaged : C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-xampp.conf

    Sorry for bad english.

    Best Regards,

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