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Mission and Vision

www.techflirt.comĀ is my blog on the technical subject in which I have little bit interest. Primarily I get educated by internet because whenever I get new assignment on the technology on which I do not have exposure I usually search on internet and start learning the technology. This all become possible because someone is actively sharing their knowledge over the internet. It is very difficult to work on the technology related thing if there is no any help available on internet. My main mission and vision of creating the blog is to share my knowledge with other people.

My Vision

My vision is to create a a popular blog on the PHP, Mysql, Javascript technology. Here on my techflirt platform I will try to share as much knowledge as possible from my side. Also my vision is to create techflirt as reliable platform for suggestion regarding the new tool and technique. Here on the I will share my opinion and interest regarding the technology area as well as the end user perspective of the website and web application.

My Mission

I am taking my vision and though as mission and trying to build as one of the premier place for the web related topic. I am trying to regularly post some new and good practices of the LAMP stack programming. Some of the blogging site exists for the monetization of their content by placing lots of ads on in between the content. But here on the your content will always be presented in the very cleaner way. There is no way to run any website without money so we will place our ads on the very corner area which will never distract or give pain to our reader while going through content.
My hard work can only convert my mission in true object if you will provide your feedback and suggestion regarding my work. So please contact me in case of any feedback and suggestion. Your suggestion and feedback is always welcome.

Thank you for reading my though.


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    1. Hi Krishnan,
      Thank you so much for the information.
      I have fixed the download issue. Now you will be able to download the code.
      Please let me know if you are still facing any issue.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Ankur K Singh

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