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File Handling in PHP Tutorial

For any PHP programmer or web developer performing file operation is one of most frequent task. Because files contains data  and web development is all about manipulation of data. But one of the most common problems with the developer are the file handling code written on one environment create issue on other environment. In this tutorial […]

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$_SERVER is one of the most frequently used predefined variable in PHP. $_SERVER is a predefined array which contains various information related to the server environment, script location detail, header. In this tutorial, we will explore each and every array element of $_SERVER in PHP. To understand $_SERVER in PHP you only need basic information about […]

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Constants in PHP Programming

In programming constant refers to the fixed value which can not be changed during execution of the code. The basic difference between any variable and constant is only the value change during execution, variables values can be changed during program execution but the value associated with constants can not be changed. Almost every programming language […]

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