WordPress XML-RPC API Tutorial & Example

WordPress is not not only a simple blogging tool, but one of the most useful CMS to manage the website content. There are several reason of WordPress popularity but one of them is the feature provided by such a very small blogging tool. XML-RPC is one of them. If you have created your website using WordPress and want any of your remote application to interact then you can do it via the XML-RPC method. WordPress has exposed various RPC method which you can invoke from other system. Also you can write your own custom XML-RPC method in your WordPress. In this tutorial we will explore various aspect of WordPress XML-RPC API. We will also check how to call Wordpress XML-RPC API method from your PHP Code. We will also explore on how to write own RPC method in WordPress.
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Integrate Google No Captcha Recaptcha in PHP Form

Captcha is one of the best way to protect any form spammers. Captcha helps website to distinguish between machine and humans. Usually captcha comes with a very a image with has some text written. User need to provide enter the text written on the image in any input field & the field get validate on the server. The text written on the image is little difficult to read and in the random patter so that machines can not read. Although this is a good way to verify the human, but it is little frustrating user experience. To overcome with the frustating experince Google has introduced No Captcha reCaptcha. In this post we will explore on How to integrate Google no Captcha reCaptcha in PHP.
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File Upload With PHP Script

File Upload is One of the most common and frequent activity performed by any PHP programmer. One of the most common problem I have listen from programmer is that his file upload script is working on his local machine but not on server, some files are not getting uploaded etc. All this problems arrises because of not having clear understanding of basics. In this post we will explore various cases of File upload with php programming. I will try to explain from most basic file upload to multiple file upload and progress bar in file upload script. To understand this tutorial completely basic understanding of PHP, HTML is required.
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Variable Scope in PHP Programming

While doing PHP code review sometime I have observed some confusion related to variables. Sometime confusions are related to basics of variable scoping and sometime with good practices. In this post I will try to explain about variable scope in php programming. Also I will put my own thought on what should we avoid to do and what should we prefer.
I am writing this post for newcomers so to read this post you should had only basic understanding of PHP.
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Magic Constants in PHP Programming

Like magic functions there are pre-defined constants which are know as Magic constants in PHP. In this tutorial we will explore what is magic constant, how they are different from normal constants, how to use them. To understand/read this topic I am assuming that you have basic understanding of PHP and have idea about constants in php.
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Constants in PHP Programming

In programming constant refers to the fixed value which can not be changed during execution of the code. The basic difference between any variable and constant is only the value change during execution, variables values can be changed during program execution but the value associated with constants can not be changed. Almost every programming language provides facility of defining constants. In this tutorial we will explore on how to define and use constants in php. To understand the tutorial completely one should have basic understanding of PHP.
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What is new in WordPress 4.5

WordPress 4.5 is next major version planned by WordPress community. Beta 1 of WordPress 4.5 is released on 25th February 2016 and target date for production release is by first week of April. I have installed WordPress 4.5 Beta 1 to just see what all new features going to be introduced in this version. In this article I will try to provide overview of what is new in WordPress 4.5.
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Scalar Type Declarations in PHP 7

Scalar type declarations is one of the major feature which is introduced from PHP7. In this tutorial we will explore what is scalar type and how to use scalar type declarations in php. Also we will explore on how code written in old version of PHP will be impacted by scalar type declaration in php. To understand this tutorial thoroughly basic level of PHP knowledge is mandatory.
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Return Type Declaration in PHP

One of the most exciting feature comes out from PHP7 is return type declaration. Before version 7.0 PHP never had facility to set return type with any function, but from PHP 7.0 you may declare return type of function. In this tutorial we will explore how to declare return type of your function in PHP. To understand this chapter completely basic level of PHP programming is required also knowledge of OOP will add advantage.
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Null Coalescing Operator In PHP 7

Null coalescing operator or ?? operator is introduced from PHP 7. Null coalescing operator provides very easy way to check value of variable and perform action in case of the variable value is blank. In this tutorial we will explore on what is null coalescing operator and where and how to use null coalescing operator properly in PHP code. Continue reading “Null Coalescing Operator In PHP 7”