Spaceship Operator in PHP (Combined Comparison)

PHP 7 is released with tons of new things and spaceship operator is one of them. First RFC for Spaceship Operator in PHP was published in February 2014. In this article we will explore how to use spaceship operator in PHP.To read this tutorial you require to have basic knowledge of PHP.
Spaceship Operator in PHP
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How to Install Magento 2

Magento has recently released version 2. Magento 2 is one of the major release of Magento because of various architectural change. In magento 2 few things are completely different from 1.x.x and installation wizard is one of them. In this tutorial we will explore on how to install magento 2. In this chapter we will cover different aspect of the magento 2 installation.

This tutorial is for every one who want to install Magento 2 on his local computer. All you need is basic knowledge of operating computer, and I hope after reading this tutorial you will be able to install Magento 2 on your local computer. Continue reading “How to Install Magento 2”

jQuery Selectors Tutorial

jQuery provides very nice way to create DOM(Document Object Model) Element object which are called jQuery Selectors. jQuery selectors are very similar to CSS selectors and work very efficiently. In this tutorial we will explore on various aspect of jQuery Selectors. To understand this tutorial I am expecting the reader to have some basic understanding of JavaScript and DOM objects.

Various people have understanding that jQuery selectors are used to apply CSS property on the element using jQuery. But this statement is not true. Because you can also do much more thing than applying css property. As jQuery selectors create DOM objects, you can do what ever can be done using DOM object. For Example : Changing element text, adding HTML element inside the selected HTML element etc. Continue reading “jQuery Selectors Tutorial”

How to upgrade PHP7 in XAMPP

2 year back I have written about upgrading PHP version in your XAMPP. Few days back on PHP website I have seen PHP7 release. So I was curious to PHP7 because I have heard about some nice thing has been added in PHP7. So I have tried to upgrade my XAMPP to see how PHP7 looks like. In this post I will share my experience on how to upgreade php7 in XAMPP.

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jQuery Performance Tuning Tips

jQuery is one of most used JavaScript library. jQuery is once of the fantastic JavaScript library developed with the thought of write less do more. Although jQuery is very optimize and scaled but sometime small mistake while using the jQuery might slowdown our website. In this tutorial we will explore on various aspect of jQuery Performance Tuning. Continue reading “jQuery Performance Tuning Tips”

How to Handle Cross Domain Ajax Request

Most of the developer knows that one can only make ajax call under the same domain by which page is being served. But we can easily make cross domain ajax call by adding some parameter in our ajax process. In this article we will explore on how to make cross domain ajax call. In this tutorial we will use jQuery for the ajax call, PHP and programming language to handle backend request and apache as web server. Cool :-)

Before proceeding to the further detail I am assuming that you have some understanding of below things

  1. Basic level of PHP
  2. Basic level of APACHE
  3. Some JQuery and AJAX concept

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10 Quick Tips to Improve Magento Performance

Performance or speed is one of the key of success of any ecommerce store. High performance or quick loading websites got more preference in search engine in comparison to slow loading website. Also if your ecommerce is fast or quick loading then it provides better experience to your website user, which means more conversion. If your website is built in Magento and you are experiencing the slow loading then you are at right place. In this article we will discuss some basic practices to improve magento performance.

1 Combine all JavaScript in single file and all CSS in single file

You can reduce large number of request in every page load by combining all css in single file and all javascript in single file. Reducing css and javascript request will considerably improve magento performance.
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How to Install Composer On XAMPP

Composer is one of the most popular and powerful package manager available for PHP. Via composer we can easily manage the various dependency and package in our application. Almost every popular PHP package provides installation via composer. For example if you want to use phpDocumentor you can install the package via composer. For Linux system it is very easy to install composer if your PHP is install and attached in environment. But in case of XAMPP where you PHP path is not setup in environment and your operating system is windows then it is little bit tricky.  In this tutorial we will explore on how to install composer on XAMPP. Continue reading “How to Install Composer On XAMPP”

PHP Curl Examples

In previous chapter we have explored various aspects of php curl. In this part of the tutorial we will see some basic php curl examples. In this part of the tutorial we are assuming that you have basic understanding of curl. If you want to learn basics of curl you can read our PHP Curl Tutorial.

To use curl we need to follow below steps:

  1. Init curl
  2. Set options. You can get detail options value from PHP website Curl Option Manual.
  3. Execute curl
  4. Get result

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PHP cURL Tutorial for Beginner to Pro Developer

If you are linux user then you probably know about what is cURL. In our  tutorial “PHP cURL” we will learn what is curl. How to use curl in php, how to install curl library in php.

What is cURL

cURL stand for Client URL. cURL is a library to transfer data via various protocol like http, ftp, tftp etc. By using cURL we can send HTTP request using various method like GET, POST etc. First cURL library was released in 1997. cURL project was originally started by Daniel Stenberg. cURL project has 2 part, cURL command line tool and libcurl library. Command line tool is generally available in linux distributions for transferring data on various protocol like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP etc. Libcurl is library which support data transfer on different protocol. Continue reading “PHP cURL Tutorial for Beginner to Pro Developer”