PHP Curl Examples

In previous chapter we have explored various aspects of php curl. In this part of the tutorial we will see some basic php curl examples. In this part of the tutorial we are assuming that you have basic understanding of curl. If you want to learn basics of curl you can read our PHP Curl Tutorial. […]

PHP Type Hinting

While reviewing code sometime I found that people are using is_a() method to validate input parameter of their functions when they need to take object as input.  This implementation is fine if code is going to be executed in php 4. But if you are running your code on PHP 5.x then there is more robust […]

Magento Installation Issue on Mac

Last week I have purchased new Mac Book Pro. I have installed XAMPP and tried to install magento for my development work. To install magento I have downloaded magento and started magento installation process. But I got below error in the first hit of installation process: Fatal error: Call to a member function getModelInstance() on […]

How to Choose Hosting Plan For WordPress Website

Choosing correct hosting plan is one of the key point for success of your website. As per my opinion one should start thinking for the hosting plan before starting investment on his website development. But the biggest question is, how to choose right hosting plan for WordPress website? What are the key things which one should […]

PHP Type Casting Tutorial

Meaning of type casting is to use value of a variable with different data type. In other word typecasting is way to utilize one data type variable into different data type. Typecasting is explicit conversion of data type because user explicitly defines the data type in which he wants to cast. In this tutorial we […]

PHP Cookies : Tutorial on how to get and set cookie using PHP

A cookie is small chunk of data stored in user’s browser for a specific website. Website sent instruction to create a cookie on the browser using response HTTP header. Also once cookie get created, browser send the cookie information in request HTTP header. In this tutorial we will discuss complete concept of the cookie. As the the tutorial title is  PHP […]

Late Static Binding in PHP

  With release of PHP 5.3 functionality of late static binding was introduced. Late static binding in PHP can be used to reference the called class in a context static inheritance. Before diving deep into this topic lets discuss the keywords like self and static in PHP . In PHP, you use the self keyword […]

WordPress Multisite Network FAQ – Basics

Next in the series of WordPress Frequently Asked Question Series,  WordPress Multisite Network FAQ here we tried to cover the basics of multi site network in WordPress, Manage website network with wordpress is easy to use and install then any other CMS presently on the internet. Lets us know about your feedback , we will […]